Parmesan Souffle Omelette To Tuscany Competition

Parmesan Souffle Omellette
with Cherry Tomato and Cucumber salsa
and black olives in a piquant chilli dressing

A featherlight, fluffy parmesan omelette, served with a ripe cherry tomato and cool cucumber salsa and luscious black olives marinading happily in a chilli olive oil dressing, to pep up the parmesan!

Recipe calls for:

  • 8 eggs (yolks and whites separated)
  • 4 oz parmesan cheese (grated)
  • 4 fl oz milk
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh chives or herbs of choice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 oz butter

To prepare: first chill your wine! Then whisk the egg yolks into the milk, with the parmesan and chives and season to taste. Then whisk the whites until quite stiff and forming mini peaks, and carefully slowly fold in the egg/milk yolks into the whisked whites. Pre heat the grill.
Gently heat the oil and the butter and pour the finished omelette mix into the pan (quite a large pan for this amount of eggs!) and cook over a med heat until the bottom of the omelette is slightly browned.
Remove pan from stove top and place pan with the uncooked top part of omelette under the pre heated grill until it is bubbling, puffing beautifully and turning golden brown. Serve with a cherry tomato and cucumber salsa (preferably a ridge cucumber for the oh so cucumbery taste!) which has been marinating in a lemon and olive oil dressing, top with
some coriander sprigs and serve with plump black olives which have been drizzled with a little chilli oil or add a few chilli flakes to suit. My souffle omelette was a lot larger than in my finished photo but from the oven to the back garden in 90 degrees – it like me, wilted a little! The wine helps revive……

I also made a parmesan, herb and onion bread which was still in the oven and not ready for the photograph but it was delicious and only a little bit left for the chickens!

An easy to prepare Tuscan simple but tasty dish perfect for long lazy days languishing around the pool admiring the wonderful views….Image


About julesjanes

A bid writer/co-ordinator by day job and wedding photographer by weekend job ! Love photography, mostly people portraits, and informal outdoor work using the natural light. Love Mediterranean cookery in the simpler rustic style using the freshest natural ingredients to capture the essence of the flavours of the countries, whose recipes I use. Am getting married in September, having a very Vintage/retro british wedding, being battle of Britain day and coming out of church to dambusters.. Love art, anything creative and socialising and having friends round to dinner, plus organising things to do, am thinking of some themed nights for the autumn. Love the simpler way of life that exists overseas (or seems to anyway) hence loving the simple cooking styles from the various regions of Italy, France and Spain.
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